Girl and Rabbit are my original characters. They both love carrots, singing songs, and going on adventures, so naturally, they are the best of friends. For Girl and Rabbit, every day is an adventure where they are constantly learning something new - whether while traveling into tiny worlds or to outer space, going on a picnic, or just trying to live the best lives that they can.

These two are featured in many of my illustrations and designs, products, and picture book zines, which are available from the Under the tree StoreYou can also follow Girl and Rabbit's day-to-day on my Instagram account.

See the Girl and Rabbit and the Forest Circus zine here and the Girl and Rabbit Doodle-a-day series here.



available as a sticker on the 

Under the tree store

bottle world copy.jpg

bottle world

a small but vibrant pit stop on one of Girl and Rabbit's many adventures

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 21.28.48.png


Rabbit continues to misunderstand pants 



it's raining it's pouring, 

Girl and Rabbit are snoring

carrot cake

a cake's not a cake

unless it's bigger than Rabbit

adventurer front cover copy.png

how to become an expert adventurer

a guide by expert adventures
Girl and Rabbit, available here

merry christmas.jpg

merry christmas

Christmas card designs feat. Girl and Rabbit 


teapot house

the prime spot to have a picnic and read a book

video calls

Girl has a point (but then again, she's not wearing pants either)

desert 2.JPG

Girl and Rabbit in the desert

a  mysterious venture into the desert, seeking an unknown something

peaceful quiet and coolness after the scorching sun