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In October 2020 and 2021, I hosted a creative challenge on Instagram for Mental Health Month, by putting together a list of 31 prompts (below) that would both stir up everyone's creativity, and raise awareness about mental health.

Artober prompts 2021.JPG

For my own artworks, in 2020, I decided to challenge myself with a medium I wasn't particularly familiar with - black ink. While I usually use a lot of colour, I loved the simple, clean effect ink could have when used right.

Here are some of my favourites that I created:

day 1 - talk (option 3) 1.jpg
day 8 - butterflies 1.jpg
day 3 - sleep (option 1) 1.jpg
day 15 - grateful (edit).jpg

For 2021, I went the digital route and created all my artworks using Procreate. I stuck to a predominantly blue colour palette, and made a series of drawings which showcased Girl and Rabbit's various daily thoughts about mental health.

day 16. brave.JPG
day 3. day.JPG
day 16. brave.JPG
day 12. think.JPG
day 6. bottle.JPG

Overall, it has been the most wonderful experience not only sharing my own art and stories, but seeing the beautiful creative works and vulnerable personal stories that so many others have bravely shared in these past two years.

I feel beyond inspired and in awe of the talent and courage of all those who took part in #MHAMArtober20 and #MHMArtober21 for a day, week or the whole month. 

I'm so thankful to everyone who participated or spread the word, and my hope is to host the challenge each October to continue to raise awareness about mental health, erase the stigma, and keep the creative juices flowing!


See my art from MHMArtober22 here.

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