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For the final major project of my Bachelor of Design degree, I drew upon my psychology background as well as my illustration and design skills to create a children’s picture book. Percy is a Perfectionist is a book that integrates a narrative about main character Percy, with practical anxiety-management activities for children.

Percy’s story begins by introducing their hardworking and perfectionist ways, before guiding readers through mindfulness activities, detective thinking (a form of cognitive behavioural therapy for children) and mini challenges.

This project took about half a year to complete, using Procreate, InDesign and Photoshop. It involved conducting thorough research, as well as taking on feedback from teachers, peers, and child psychologist mentors.

The process of conceptualising, ideating, writing, illustrating, designing, presenting, refining, and mocking up this project was a challenging and incredibly fulfilling one, that allowed me to combine all of my passions and my skillset. I was grateful to achieve a High Distinction result for Percy is a Perfectionist and enjoyed presenting Percy at The Annual, the yearly showcase of major projects hosted by UNSW ADA.

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I was gratefu

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