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New Book: Casual Nihongo

In the latter half of last year, my friend Akkie, who runs YouTube channel Sambon Juku (an educational channel for learners of Japanese), approached me about illustrating a Japanese textbook he had written. Hundreds of drawings, a few hand cramps, and a surprisingly short time later, Casual Nihongo was published by ALC Press at the end of March - the perfect tool for those looking to learn more casual and native-sounding Japanese.

We're so proud of how the book turned out. The content is unique and unlike other Japanese textbooks I've seen, includes heaps of practice conversations with translations in English, Vietnamese, and Portuguese, AND it's filled to the brim with my illustrations (literally on every page!).

It's available in bookshops around Japan, from Amazon, by mail order (for more information please watch Akkie's video explaining the details), and Kinokuniya Books Sydney. I'm so grateful to have been part of such a lovely project, and I can't wait to keep on illustrating and creating equally lovely things in the future. We hope you like it.


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