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Travels in Taiwan

For a far-too-short but lovely three days in August, my partner and I embarked on a mini adventure to Taiwan. We both fell in love with what we saw, ate, and experienced, and are already dying to go back to further explore the hustle and bustle, and creativity. Naturally, I had to document our trip in my travel journal with some sketches, illustrations, and film photos.

We stayed in Taipei, in a convenient spot right near Taipei Main Station, and spent our first and last day in the city, visiting and being inspired by the Creative Parks, cute shops and cafes, as well as feasting at the night markets.

On our middle day, we took a day trip away from the city and headed up north, ticking off a number of places on our list - the sweltering hot Yehliu Geopark with its fascinating natural rock formations, vibrant and bustling main attractions Shifen and Jiufen, and sweet Houtong Village, otherwise known as cat village (for obvious reasons!).

We joined all the other tourists and painted our wishes for happiness, health, wealth, and success in work on our very own colourful lantern, before releasing it into the air. Definitely a touristy activity, but a fun one nonetheless.

As for cat village, this goes without saying but it was absolutely a cat-lover's paradise, with cat themed cafes, souvenirs, murals, and of course friendly kitties roaming the place, everywhere you walked.

Sadly, that was all we had time for. It really was a short trip, but we both felt so inspired by the vibrant colours, interesting architecture, creativity, and kindness of every person we came across. And as I mentioned, we can't wait to go back again some day.

A lovely way to usher in the 28th year of my life. :) Until the next time we can pay a visit, thank you for a wonderful few days Taiwan. x

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