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Mental Health Month x Artober

Every year since 2020, I have hosted a creative challenge on Instagram for Mental Health Month (October). This has involved putting together a list of 31 prompts that anyone and everyone is invited to use as a starting point to create any kind of art they like (drawings, paintings, songs, dances, poetry, anything!) and if they feel comfortable, to start conversations about mental health.

Overall, it has been the most wonderful experience not only sharing my own art and stories, but seeing the beautiful creative works and vulnerable personal stories that many have bravely shared in these past few years.

My hope is to host the challenge every October to continue raising awareness about mental health, erasing the stigma, and keep the creative juices flowing!

See below the art I created for Artober in 2020 (black ink paintings), 2021 (digital drawings with a blue colour palette), and 2022 (digital drawings with colourful palette)

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